Sunday, November 13, 2016

精子提供の流れ Steps to donation.

1.まずはメールをください。tokyokounotori アットマーク(@)
3.面会日時を設定し、ひと気のある場所で気軽にお会いします。子供のころの写真などをお見せして質問にこた えます。


知能 MD、PhD.(博士)。
健康状態 運動好きで、きわめて健康。非喫煙者。


Steps to donation.

1. Send me an email tokyokounotori (at)
2. We will discuss the details over email. We can also talk over the phone or Skype.
3. Set up a time to meet at a public place and then discuss.
4. If we agree we can then estimate the time of ovulation (temperature, LH monitor etc) and schedule the time and place for the artificial insemination.
5. Start the donation. 
6. Repeat as necessary.

The method that will be used will be AI artificial insemination using a syringe or an instead cup. The semen will be produce immediate prior to insemination and handed to you. You can then do self insemination by yourself or with your significant other. Intrauterine insemination IUI with washed sperm at a hospital is also possible if you wish. NI or natural insemination can also be performed.

My parents,  grandparents, and I do not have any genetic diseases.
MD/PhD multilingual
Height 175 cm, Weight 70 kg.
I am fit, low body fat, exercise regularly, and do not smoke. 
STD test results available.
Photos available.

I am open to any race, nationality, or sexual orientation. Married or single. The sperm donations will be free of charge.

Monday, October 10, 2016

アメリカで流行な Instead soft cup 方法。
A popular method of artificial insemination using the Instead soft cup.
Instead soft cup (wikipedia)
Instead soft cup に精子を入れるだけのとても簡単な方法です。入れた後すぐ歩けるのがプラスです。
You simply place the sperm into the Instead soft cup and then insert it close to your cervix. You can also walk right after insertion.

Do not use more than 12 hrs at a time.